Ringing Report for 2006

For the first time since resuming ringing (in 2004), I managed to ring just over 3,000 birds, with the final total being 3,064 birds of 57 species. Given my family commitments, ringing activities were once again strongly focused on Ty Coed, although this year I did extend my net run slightly to include the nearby “canal”, and a single 12m net over the water to the main island at the Vale Marais. These nets added to the Vale Marais ringing totals this year.
Although the 1,073 birds ringed at Ty Coed during the year was not a record, variety was high with 38 species ringed. Of these Mallard (13), Common Moorhen (one), Spotted Flycatcher (five) and Carrion Crow (five) were all additions to the garden ringing list, while the following species enjoyed record totals:-
Lesser Black-backed Gull (19), Herring Gull (64), Common Wood-pigeon (84), Eurasian Collared Dove (14), Dunnock (24), Eurasian Reed Warbler (13), Greater Whitethroat (three), Garden Warbler (four), Blackcap (41), Yellow-browed Warbler (three), Firecrest (seven), Pied Flycatcher (four), Great Tit (68), Eurasian Magpie (14), and European Goldfinch (ten).
The gulls resulted from new attempts to trap these birds as they feed on food scraps, while the wood pigeons and corvids similarly resulted from a concerted effort with funnel traps.
Other interesting birds trapped at Ty Coed included Eurasian Sparrowhawk (one), European Robin (43), European Blackbird (37), Fieldfare (one), Brambling (two) and European Greenfinch (372).
On the disappointing side, I did not manage to ring 200+ warblers in the garden this year. The total was only 148 - largely as a result of a lack of Common Chiffchaffs (40) and Willow Warblers (42). To counter this, however, the nets set on the Vale Marais more than made up for this. Warbler totals ringed there included Sedge Warbler (37), Eurasian Reed Warbler (28), Greater Whitethroat (three), Garden Warbler (two), Blackcap (34), Common Chiffchaff (65) and Willow warbler (122) – i.e. a total of 291 warblers.
During spring evenings I tried on 15 days, between 21st March and 13 May, to spring net Northern Wheatears at Jaonneusse Bay. A superb early start resulted in 53 birds being ringed before the end of March, but this early promise then evaporated with just 12 birds being ringed in April and seven in May. Nevertheless the resultant total of 72 wheatears ringed was a record for me.
Other record totals were achieved for European Storm petrel (45), Little Egret (13), Herring Gull (155), Razorbill (five), Mallard (28), Barn Owl (two), Common Wood Pigeon (86), Great Tit (129), Eurasian Magpie (18) and Carrion Crow (five).
High totals ringed during the year included Northern Gannet (734 – 4th highest), Great Cormorant (33 – 3rd highest), European Shag (333 – 6th highest), Great Black-backed Gull (26 – 4th highest), Common Guillemot (ten – 3rd highest), Common Swift (19 – 2nd highest),  European Robin (62 – 3rd highest), Cetti’s Warbler (four – joint highest), Blackcap (75 – joint highest), Firecrest (ten – joint 4th highest), Chaffinch (30 – 4th highest) and European Greenfinch (398 – 2nd highest).
Seldom ringed species included:-
Eurasian Sparrowhawk (two), Eurasian Kestrel (three), Eurasian Woodcock (one), Common Sandpiper (one) and Yellow-browed Warbler (three).
As can be seen from the above, seabirds were a major feature of 2006. In fact they remain one of the ringing highlights of any year for me. This year Catherine and I were privileged to spend a night on Burhou in early June ringing Storm Petrels. We caught 39 new birds with a similar number of retraps and one British control (see below). Later we spent two nights on Sark ringing four Storm Petrels at the south end and two at the north end.
Our original trip to the gannetries of Les Etacs and Ortac on 11th June proved to be too early, so we returned to both colonies again on 24th June. As a result 1,361 gannets were ringed by the team (the second highest total ever), of which Catherine and I ringed 734 between us.
Catherine and I enjoyed a couple of superb days with Andy Cook in Sark visiting in early June to ring mainly European Shags and then mid-month to ring gulls. In addition to landing on L’Etac de Serk we also visited Grande Moie and Petit Moie, Les Burons and Breniere, Sark. In Alderney Catherine and I ringed a few European Shags on Burhou and more on Cocque Lihou, while closer to home we made successful visits to Jethou, the Humps and Lihou. 
In 2006 I received news of 22 foreign recoveries – again all seabirds except for one European Blackbird (originally ringed by Catherine while looking after the nets at Ty Coed while I was in the UK with Sophie when she had her spinal operation in October 2005). These recoveries are detailed below.
Two birds wearing foreign rings were caught in 2006 (European Storm Petrel and Eurasian Reed Warbler).
Finally a Greater White-fronted Goose was seen with a colour ring and a neck collar, enabling its original ringing details to be discovered.

Foreign Recoveries
Northern Gannet
F 17353            Pullus              25.06.93        Ortac, Alderney
                           X                     24.05.06        Cap Gris-nez, Pas de Calais, France (94th), 300 km, 4,716 days
F 17222            Pullus             19.06.93        Les Etacs, Alderney
                            X                   14.06.06       Cayeux-sur-Mer, Somme, France, (95th), 270 km, 4,743 days
F 32504            Pullus             20.06.05        Les Etacs, Alderney
                                                  13.07.06        Mimizan, Landes, France,  (96th), 620 km, 388 days
F 6999            Pullus               28.06.86         Les Etacs, Alderney
                           X                    26.10.06         Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth, England, (32nd),100 km, 7,425 days
F 31305            Pullus             23.06.05        Ortac, Alderney
                          X                     04.08.06         Moreton, Wirral, Merseyside, England, (33rd), 420 km, 407 days
F 31723            Pullus             20.06.05        Les Etacs, Alderney
                          X                     10.08.06        Wangerooge-Nordostrand, Germany, (19th), 800 km, 416 days
F 33774            Pullus             11.06.06        Les Etacs, Alderney
                          X                      02.09.06       Wigers Cape, Spain, (24th), 670 km,  83 days
F 34416            Pullus              24.06.06       Ortac, Alderney
                          X                      16.09.06       Prai da Atalaia, Faro, Portugal, (4th) 1,480 km, 84 days
F 18186            Pullus              12.06.94        Les Etacs, Alderney
                           VV                   21.09.06       Helgoland, Germany, (20th), 860 km,  4,484 days
F 34118            Pullus              24.06.06        Les Etacs, Alderney
                           X(long)            30.09.06       Porthluney Cove, Cornwall, England (34th), 190 km, 98 days
F 10356            Pullus              21.06.88       Ortac, Alderney
                          S (released)    05.10.06       Oostduinkereke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium, (5th), 390 km, 6,680 days

F  33954            Pullus              24.06.06        Les Etacs, Alderney
                            X                     18.10.06        Alvor Beach, Algarve, Portugal, (5th), 1,510 km, 116 days
F 34730            Pullus              24.06.06       Ortac, Alderney
                            X (net)           27.10.06        Ponta de Piedade, Faro, Portugal, (6th), 1,500 km, 125 days
F 8924                Pullus             28.06.86       Les Etacs, Alderney
                            X                    15.12.06        Garnholmen Island, Ostfold, Norway, (4th), 1,350 km, 7,475 days
European Shag
F 16212            Pullus              01.06.93         Crevichon, Jethou
                            V (on nest)    11.05.06         Cap Frehal, Brittany, France, (141st), 100 km, 4,727 days
F 33429            Pullus              15.06.06        Jethou
                            X (net)            19.08.06        Barfleur, Manche, France, (142nd),  90 km, 65 days
Lesser Black-backed Gull
E 5359            Pullus              05.07.92           Burhou, Alderney
                        X (long)            03.08.06          Chesil Beach, Portland, Dorset, England, (4th), 100 km, 5,142 days
E 5326            Pullus              05.07.92            Burhou, Alderney
                        VV                   05.11.06            Gafanha da Nazare, Beira Litoral, Portugal, (17th), 1,130 km, 5,236 days
Great Black-backed Gull
J 0070            Pullus              20.06.06             Godin, Herm
                        VV                   14.09.06             Sept Iles, Brittany, France, (5th),   100 km, 86 days
Little Egret
E 14683            Pullus              27.06.06          Crevichon, Jethou
(colour ring)      X (predator)    01.09.06          Ricard Island, Morlaix Bay, Brittany, France, (1st), 139 km, 66 days
E 12999            Pullus              15.06.06          Crevichon, Jethou
(colour ring)      VV                   04.09.06          River Caen, Braunton, Devon,  England, (1st), 220 km, 81 days
European Blackbird
T 25691            Ad                   18.10.05        Ty Coed, Vale Marais, Guernsey
                            +                     05.02.06        Saint Sauveur, Finistere, France, (3rd), 150 km, 110 days
Foreign Controls
European Storm Petrel
London            Ad                   02.08.03            Gwenapp Head, Cornwall, England (1st),
2575096            V                  05.06.06             Burhou, Alderney, 250 km, 654 days
Eurasian Reed Warbler
London            Ad                   05.08.01           Barrow Gurney Reservoir, Avon, England, (10th), 
N177885         V                     21.04.06           Vale Marais, Guernsey, 212 km, 1,720 days                                                                                 
Foreign Colour Rings
Greater White-fronted Goose
Rey 134176            Ad female             26.09.05           Hvanneyri, Andakillshreppur, Iceland (1st),
orange S2H            VV                         04.11.06            La Miellette, Vale, Guernsey, 2,024 km, 404 days
                                 VV                         28.11.06           Alaw estuary, Anglesey, Wales, (1st)
Local Recoveries/Retraps
European Storm Petrel
P 11438            Ad                   12.06.04            Plemont, Jersey
                            V                     05.06.06           Burhou, Alderney, 723 days
P 11439            Ad                   12.06.04            Plemont, Jersey
                            V                     05.06.06           Burhou, Alderney, 723 days
In addition to the above two birds, and a control from Cornwall (see above section)  a one night session catching Storm Petrels on Burhou on the night of 4th/5th June 2006 resulted in 52 retraps being caught. The original ringing details were as follows: - 2000 (eight birds), 2003 (25 birds) and 2005 (19 birds). In addition 39 new birds were ringed on this night.
In accordance with current practice no tapes are used on the Burhou colony. The two birds originally ringed in Jersey, along with the Cornish bird, were wandering birds tape-lured away from any known colony.
Northern Fulmar
D 3342            Ad                   31.05.02                    Jethou
                          V                    15.06.06                    Jethou, 1,476 days
Originally ringed by Jamie Hooper and Catherine, and retrapped on the same nest site.
Northern Gannet
F 10605            Pullus              11.06.88        Les Etacs, Alderney
                        V(net/rope)        11.06.06        Les Etacs, Alderney,  6,574 days
One of the lucky birds cut free during our visit.
European Shag
F 11276            Pullus              15.06.89            Crevichon, Jethou
                            X                     08.02.06            Grandes Rocques, Guernsey, 6,082 days

F 14542            Pullus              28.05.92            Longue Pierre, Herm
                            X                    25.08.06            Millard’s Corner, Jersey, 5,202 days
F 15184            Pullus              08.06.92            Galeu, Herm
                            X                    10.11.06            Port Soif, Guernsey, 5,268 days
Lesser Black-backed Gull
E 4115            Pullus              10.07.89               Brecqhou, Sark
                        X                       31.08.06              Les Hubits Farm, St Martin’s, Guernsey, 6,261 days
My oldest L B B Gull to date.
Paul K Veron
Channel Islands Bird Ringing Permit Number 129