Ringing Report for 2005

After a gap of a decade, 2005 finally saw me returning to serious ringing. While effort was necessarily confined due to family and work responsibilities, I was able to erect up to eight mist-nets at Ty Coed to sample the spring and autumn migrations, while also using a new House Trap to capture finches in the garden (primarily during the winter and summer periods). Some effort was also made during March and April to ring Wheatears at Jaonneusse Bay using spring nets, while funnel traps enabled a modest return to my former studies of Moorhens with 11 birds ringed. Finally due to the generosity of Jamie Hooper I was welcomed back into the seabird ringing studies that he had taken over when I suspended my ringing activities in 1994. We made very successful visits to ring Northern Gannets, European Shags and Great Cormorants.
At the end of the year the surprisingly high total of 2245 birds of 46 species had been ringed. This total included two new species ringed – Little Egret (four pulli on Jethou) and Pallas’ Warbler (ringed in November at Ty Coed).
Seldom ringed species included:- Eurasian Wigeon (one), Eurasian Sparrowhawk (two), Eurasian Woodcock (one), Barn Owl (two), Common Grasshopper Warbler (one) and Yellow-browed warbler (two). Record totals were achieved for Northern Wheatear (63), Long-tailed Tit (24) and European Greenfinch (643), while other species ringed in higher than usual numbers included:- Northern Gannet (549 = 4th highest); Mallard (five = joint highest), Blackcap (33 = joint 5th highest), Great Tit (56 = 4th highest) and Chaffinch (27 = 5th highest).
The target set at the start of the year was to see whether I could ring 200 warblers at Ty Coed. Although I thought this to be an ambitious objective, it was achieved with totals of Common Grasshopper Warbler (one), Sedge Warbler (ten), Eurasian Reed Warbler (seven), Greater Whitethroat (one), Garden Warbler (two), Blackcap (33), Pallas’ Warbler (one), Yellow-browed Warbler (two), Common Chiffchaff (112) and Willow Warbler (58). Thus a grant total of 227 warblers, of ten species, were ringed at Ty Coed during the year.
Seabird colonies visited during the summer were The Humps, Herm (on 28th May and 9th June), Jethou (9th June), L’Etac de Serk (11th June), Les Etacs, Alderney (20th June) and Ortac, Alderney (23rd June). These visits resulted in my ringing of 549 Northern Gannets, 16 Great Cormorants, 289 European Shags, three Great Black-backed Gulls and three Common Guillemots – in addition to four nestling Little Egrets.
Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year with the passerine ringing was the ringing of two Yellow-browed Warblers and a Pallas’ Warbler at Ty Coed during the late autumn; no small rewards for the development of the Ty Coed Bird Reserve!
By the end of the year my ringing total had grown to 46,678 birds of 125 species.
Eleven foreign recoveries were reported during 2005; all of them seabirds as follows: - Northern Gannet (six), European Shag (three) and Lesser Black-backed Gull (two). The only foreign-ringed bird caught during the year was European Greenfinch from England.

Foreign Recoveries

Northern Gannet
F 11462        Pullus           24.06.89       Ortac, Alderney
X                                        03.01.05       Nr Rotterdam, Netherlands,  (23rd), 510 km, 5672 days
F 14478        Pullus           29.06.91       Les Etacs, Alderney
X                                      05.04.05       Villiers sur Mer, Calvados, France, (91st), 170 km, 5029 days
F 13273        Pullus           17.06.90       Ortac, Alderney
X                                      12.04.05       Shippards Chine, Isle of Wight, England, (30th), 100 km, 5413 days
F 15396        Pullus           12.06.92       Ortac, Alderney
X                                      19.04.05       The Solent, Hants, England, (31st), 140 km, 4694 days
F 15461        Pullus           12.06.92       Ortac, Alderney
V                                       04.05.05      Cotes d’Armor, France,  (92nd), 147 km, 4709 days
F 32744        Pullus           23.06.05       Ortac, Alderney
                    S                  08.09.05       Reville, Manche, France,  (93rd), 80km, 77 days
European Shag
F 6445          Pullus           05.06.82       Crevichon, Jethou
                    X                  05.05.05       Paimpol, Cotes du Nord, France,  (139th), 100 km, 8370 days
F 33119        Pullus           11.06.05       L’Etac de Serk
                    X                  20.08.05       Ravenoville,  Manche, France, (140th), 100 km, 70 days
F 33150        Pullus           11.06.05       L’Etac de Serk
                    X                  20.08.05       Nr Schoorl, Nord Holland, Netherlands, (4th), 590 km, 70 days
Lesser Black-backed Gull
E 4842         Pullus           10.07.91       Burhou, Alderney
                    VV              10.11.05       Matosinhos, Douro Litoral, Portugal,  (15th), 1080 km, 5237 days
E 5296         Pullus           05.07.92       Burhou, Alderney
                    VV              11.11.05       Figueira da Foz, Portugal, 1180 km   (16th), 4877 days
More superb ring reading in the field by ornithologists in Portugal (visiting Dutch or English birders in the main)!
Foreign Control
European Greenfinch
London         4 female       04.04.05       Portland Bill B.O., Dorset, England, (4th),
TA 60033      V                20.04.05       Ty Coed, Vale Marais, 120 km, 16 days
Local Recoveries/Retraps
Northern Gannet
F 8810          Pullus           28.06.86       Les Etacs, Alderney
                    X (net/rope)   0.06.05       Les Etacs, 6,932 days
At 19 years of age, it is hoped that this bird raised many young successfully before succumbing to the netting on the rock.
Great Black-backed Gull
E 5413         Pullus           08.07.92       Godin, Herm
                    X                            28.05.05       Godin, 4,707 days
This bird was presumably breeding at its natal site.                                          
Paul K Veron
Channel Islands Bird Ringing Permit No 129