I am 54, and was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands. I am married to Catherine (who is also a bird watcher and bird ringer) and have three children (Ursi, Sophie and Merlin). Sophie (age 21) is a trainee bird ringer, helping out with several of the projects detailed below, while Merlin (18) also helps out with the seabird monitoring work. So – our bird work is really a family affair!

Since the age of 11 I have been very keen on bird watching. At age 14 I began to train to ring birds on my home island of Guernsey. In 1976 I was given a restricted Bird Ringing Permit (full permit the following year).

Since then I have ringed more than 62,000 birds. Originally I concentrating on three principal projects:-

1.    The Study of one small marsh on the north coast of Guernsey (the Vale Marais) – where I live:

2.    Seabird Studies (including in particular European Shags, Northern Gannets and gulls) and

3.    The Movements and Mortality of Common Moorhens.

During the period 1993 – 2004 (inclusive) I had the opportunity to travel widely – visiting more than 50 countries on all seven Continents. Over this period my ringing activities were suspended, while I tried to see a very good sample of all the birds of the world. By the end of this decade I had seen around 46% of the bird species of the world. Each trip has been written up and three volumes of “Birding the Blue Planet” have been published privately. 
In 2005, I completed my period of travel and resumed my bird ringing on Guernsey.


Since 2008 I have become fascinated by several aspects of the ecology of gulls, and now spend the vast majority of my time studying the three species which breed in the Channel Islands - Lesser Black-backed Gull, Herring Gull and Great Black-backed Gull, through colour ringing projects.  I also jointly run with Chris Mourant a colour ringing project on Great Cormorants nesting in Guernsey.

This web site provides links to publications and summaries of all my ornithjological project areas, together with various summaries of the ringing information.


15th August 2013