Long Pierre, Humps

23 June 2008


This was the second trip of the season out to the Humps, courtesy of Tara, Island Rib Tours.  Originally, the trip was scheduled for 17:00 but a call from Tara a few hours earlier meant that we squeezed in an earlier departure time due to a slot in the window of tour bookings (thank goodness for flexible working hours!). However, unfortunately neither Jamie nor Chris could make it.
Accompanying the ringing team was Darcy, Island Rib Tours who, after an unfortunate start to the expedition (slipped on the rocks as we beached the dingy and got rather wet including the life jacket which self inflated), did seem to enjoy himself. (Did he slip…or was he pushed by Catherine…who nearly went in herself?!).
The team approached the island from the east, and discovered two Shag pulli of suitable age to ring.  Further investigation of the top of the islet, revealed that the Guillemot colony in the centre was doing well with approximately 15 adults, 10 chicks and half a dozen eggs.  The team ringed a total of five adult Guillemots and one pullus.  They also managed to find a ringed adult (H1389) which was originally ringed on 9th June 2005 on Longue Pierre by the Seabird Team.  The other Guillemot colony on the north side of the islet contained two adults (one of which was caught) and one pullus.  
The remainder of the islet was then systematically searched, resulting in the ringing of two Great Black Backed Gull pulli.  The vegetation was particularly lush, making good cover for the chicks to hide in.
An Oystercatcher nest with eggs was noted and four or five Herring Gull pulli were present on the beach but all too small to ring.