Lihoumel, Lihou

11 May 2013


Chris, Catherine and I made a return visit to Lihoumel today, where we colour-ringed another seven Great Cormorant chicks. Five of these were small enough that they did not leave the nests (broods of three and two), while the other two stayed alongside their nest. The two largest chicks from our previous visit on 29 April scrambled over the rocks to the top of the islet, but we were able to simply leave these birds to settle down. Only one Cormorant nest still has eggs (three).

It was another very quick visit, being on and off the islet within 20 minutes. Even before we had reached Lihou most of the adult Cormorants were back on their nests.

Most of the European Shag nest (c 15+) appeared to have full clutches and we came across two GBBG nests each containing three eggs.

It was noticeable too on Lihou itself how more of the Herring Gulls are now clearly incubating eggs. Most of the usual places in recent years along the western side of the island appeared to be in use. The northern coastline was not checked.


Paul K Veron

13 May 2013