Seabird Monitoring 2014

Lihou Island – Lihoumel 16th April 2014

At mid-day, Chris Mourant, Paul and Catherine Veron carried out a short survey of the seabirds nesting on Lihoumel, Lihou  A total of 14 Great Cormorant nests were counted; this was made up of three nests with no eggs, nine nests with three or four eggs, and one with a single egg. The final nest contained four chicks that were only a few days old. Six Shag nests were counted on the main rock, but there may have been several more around the periphery of the islet and on the adjacent outer rock (which was not visited). 

Signs of fresh rat burrows were evident on the main iselt which was worrying.  It was also noted that the ropes and signage was not yet in position on Lihou Island and as the team returned to Lihou, they had to politely redirect a couple who were intending to explore Lihoumel.  

A second visit is planned for approximately three weeks’ time, when hopefully the Cormorants will be a suitable size to colour ring.



16 April 2014