Lihou Island 

11 June

Given that this appears to be an early breeding season for most seabirds, Jamie Hooper and Paul Veron made a very quick visit to Lihou Island at mid-day on 11 June just to check that the Great Black-backed Gull chicks were not so advanced that we would miss ringing them.

 We only made a fast anti-clockwise circuit of the main island – locating seven GBBG chicks that were large enough to take a metal ring (but only two of these could be fitted with a colour ring). As there was clearly no great urgency with the ringing, and in fact more time would be needed before most chicks were large enough to take a colour ring we did not go to Lissroy or Lihoumel. Instead we returned to Guernsey planning to return in around a fortnight or so – depending on the tide and causeway opening times.

 Several Herring Gull chicks large enough for metal rings (but no crs) were also seen around the coast, but again we left these birds to our next visit.



 12 June 2010