L’Etac de Serk 1st June 2006



Visited by Catherine, Paul and Sue Daley on 1st June. Pete picked us up from Guernsey on rib.   Landed on northern side of rock.
20 Shag pulli ringed plus one adult Razorbill. It was clear that it is a fairly late season for Shag, and also not a particularly productive one. About 1/3rd of nests empty and abandoned, 1/3rd with eggs and chicks too small to ring, and 1/3rd large enough to ring. Most nests which had chicks were broods of two (only one of three and several of one).
Far fewer Guillemots on eggs or chicks than last year. About a dozen tiny chicks seen, but some areas which were occupied last year were completely deserted.

One lone guillemot preening on edge of water which seemed unafraid of humans and less waterproof than normal – could this be the oiled adult ringed and released a couple of weeks earlier at the animal shelter?
Arounnd 20 Puffins were seen on water and in air over rock.
40+ Great Black-backed Gulls over rock, but several tiny dead chicks found, along with a few nests with eggs. No medium-large young seen.
No Cormorants.
Noticed presence of firebugs.