Jerbourg Cliffs

05 July

On 05 July Chris Mourant walked along the top of the cliffs from Jerbourg Point to the Peastacks in order to assess the success of the 2012 breeding season for seabirds. Unlike in 2011, when productivity had been very low, 2012 appears to have been a good year.

Chris counted c 80 very large Herring Gull chicks, which were on the point of fledging. Unfortunately, for a variety of unavoidable reasons, we had missed being able to cover these cliffs in time to ring the chicks, and they were now far too large to be able to do this. Nevertheless it is valuable to record the success enjoyed this year by the breeding Herring Gulls along this stretch of coastline (probably now the most important stretch of cliff coastline for gulls in Guernsey).

Other seabirds breeding on this very important stretch of Guernsey’s cliff coastline included 15 pairs of Great Black-backed Gulls, 8-10 pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 25-30 pairs of European Shag and one pair of Razorbills. There is also a pair of Ravens nesting at this site!


09 July 2012