Godin & Galeu – 20 June 2006


Tara and Island Ribs picked us up at 1015 for trip out to complete the seabird ringing on The Humps. Catherine ran from her meeting to get changed into Jamie’s spare clothes and make the trip! Jamie, Michelle and Chris Mourant also came along. It was fabulous to get out of the office and blast across the sea out between the Ferriers reef and Jethou and behind Herm. The landing was a little trickier today – just a very slight swell but a little more wind making manoeuvring the rib a bit more difficult.

At first we were concerned that on landing on Godin several of the young Great Cormorants actually took off from the islet and flew around the rock. However, later we saw several young Cormorants flying easily around the area – we expect that many of them are already spending time at sea and back on the islet. Even so, we avoided the rocky end of Godin so as not to chase any of the huge youngsters (which were pretty much all ringed from our visit on 1st June) into the sea.

It was very clear that European Shags had only been moderately successful. Catherine and I ringed 10 (Jamie and Chris a further 4). Total = 14 Shags. We also ringed one Cormorant and three Great Black-backed Gulls (all pulli).

There were still some Guillemots with young on the islet, but they were not accessible. There was also one Atlantic Puffin visible in a shallow burrow under a boulder – but again it was not accessible.

Tree Mallow appears to be doing very well – probably helped by the very wet May weather. There were lots of Great Black-backed Gulls overhead clearly with young on the islet. Unfortunately, because of the large Cormorants we could not search for them.

We then moved on to Galeu – where Jamie rowed just him and me ashore. We only had 15 minutes to get the job done so we hastily ringed all the Shag we could find (14) and also 6 Great Black-backed Gulls. There were not as many shags as normal, but it was still great to take a quick look at the 2006 season on Galeu. Catherine et al saw a large male Grey Seal in the bay while we were on the islet. Also 5 Grey Plovers on the rocks (the autumn migration has started!).

We had a quick row back to rib, and a fast journey back to Harbour – where the punters were waiting for their trip out to see the wildlife!