Crevichon, Jethou

27 May 2010

After a busy day ringing gulls on the Chouet Landfill, Jamie & Mish Hooper, Chris Mourant& Ken Venus (from the North Thames Gull Group) headed out to Crevichon with the permission from the owner of Jethou (Dr Peter Ogden).  With thanks to Dave Perrio and his RIB we arrived at Crevichon at 19.00hrs on the North West shore. Once at the Egret breeding site we went about trying to round up the youngsters. Jamie and Chris volunteered to head into the elder trees to herd them out where they were plucked out gently by Mish and Ken. Once we all had a handful of chicks Jamie and Chris joined us to ring them. As Ken was our guest from the UK he greatly appreciated the offer of ringing one of the chicks. He then informed us that a Little Egret was a ‘ringing tick first’ for him so he was thrilled.  Once fitted with their own unique colour rings the young egrets were returned to their own nests. Soon after we started heading back to the boat the parent birds returned for the evening to the nesting area. This appeared to be a very successful breeding year for the Egrets comparable with last year’s record numbers. A total of 11 Little Egrets were ringed on this first trip and Crevichon will be revisited in 2 weeks to ring the remaining young. 11 egret nests were counted on this trip.


 Mish Hooper

14 June 2010