Cocque Lihou – 05 June 2006


 Northern Fulmar ©  Vic Froome                                            Herring Gull   ©  Barry Wells

Mark Wordsworth took us out on his boat that is being used by Alderney Wildlife Trust. Catherine, Louise and I landed. Excellent rock.  Landed on Alderney side of rock where indented.  Worked up left hand side and then returned to boat on right hand side of indent.
Shag colony strong. Probably the most productive colony visited in 2006, with 81 young Shag ringed – plus one adult. A few virtually fully grown. Most still quite small. 16+ nests with eggs or young too small to ring. Productivity again most nests with two chicks, but five or six with three young (and a few with only one).Three adult Guillemots and one Razorbill ringed. 15-20 Guillemot chicks seen (mostly very small). One Razorbill chick seen.
   Took two hours to work the islet.  50+ Herring Gulls – most of the nests with eggs or chicks just hatching.
There were also a couple of Northern Fulmars nesting, and several Atlantic Puffins flying around the rock.